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Azure services

Cloud Computing:

  • Azure Virtual Machines: Scalable VMs in various configurations.
  • Azure Functions: Serverless computing.
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS): Container orchestration.
  • Azure Batch: Highly scalable batch processing.

Cloud Storage:

  • Azure Blob Storage: Scalable object storage.
  • Azure Table Storage: NoSQL storage.
  • Azure File Storage: Shared file storage.
  • Azure Disk Storage: Block storage.


  • Azure SQL Database: Managed relational database.
  • Azure Cosmos DB: Globally distributed multi-model database.
  • Azure Database for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others: Managed databases.
  • Azure Data Warehouse: Scalable data warehouse.

Network and Connectivity:

  • Azure Virtual Network: Network isolation.
  • Azure ExpressRoute: Dedicated connection to Azure.
  • Azure Load Balancer: Load balancing.
  • Azure DNS: Scalable DNS service.

Security and Identity:

  • Azure Active Directory: Identity and access management.
  • Azure Key Vault: Secret and key management.
  • Azure Security Center: Security monitoring.
  • Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Multi-factor authentication.

Development and Deployment Services:

  • Azure DevOps Services: Development and deployment tools.
  • Azure App Service: Managed application deployment.
  • Azure Functions: Serverless function service.
  • Azure Logic Apps: Workflow automation.

Data Analytics and Big Data:

  • Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly SQL Data Warehouse): Big data processing.
  • Azure HDInsight: Managed big data service.
  • Azure Databricks: Analytics and machine learning platform.
  • Azure Stream Analytics: Real-time streaming processing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML):

  • Azure Machine Learning: Machine learning platform.
  • Azure Cognitive Services: Vision, speech, language, and knowledge services.
  • Azure Bot Service: Bot development.
  • Azure Computer Vision: Image recognition.

Application Services:

  • Azure App Service: Web and API hosting.
  • Azure Functions: Serverless function service.
  • Azure Service Bus: Asynchronous messaging.

IoT (Internet of Things):

  • Azure IoT Hub: IoT device management.
  • Azure IoT Edge: Edge computing.
  • Azure IoT Central: IoT application management.
  • Azure Time Series Insights: Time series data analysis.

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