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Kubernetes services


Pods are the smallest deployable unit in Kubernetes. They can contain one or more containers and share the same network and storage space.


ReplicaSets ensure that a specified number of pod replicas are running. They are used to maintain high application availability.


Deployments provide a declarative way to manage pods and replicaSets. They make it easy to deploy new versions of applications and roll back to previous versions.


Services expose applications as a network or DNS service, allowing pods to communicate with each other and the external world.


Ingress is used to manage external access to services within the cluster. It acts as an entry layer for HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

ConfigMaps and Secrets:

ConfigMaps store key-value configuration settings, while Secrets store sensitive information such as passwords and tokens.


Volumes are used for persistent and shared storage between pods. Different volume types are available, such as EBS, NFS, Azure Disk, among others.


Namespaces are used to organize and isolate resources within a cluster. They are useful for segregating environments like production and development.


Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes that enables easy creation, sharing, and deployment of applications using charts.

Prometheus and Grafana:

These tools are common for monitoring and metric generation in a Kubernetes cluster. Prometheus collects data, while Grafana provides visualization and alerts.


The Kubelet is the agent running on cluster nodes, ensuring containers run in a pod.

Kube Proxy:

Kube Proxy is responsible for routing network requests to the correct pods and services.

Kubernetes Dashboard:

It’s a web interface that offers a graphical way to manage and view resources in the cluster.


Kubernetes is often integrated with continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) tools like Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, CircleCI, ArgoCD, FluxCD, Drone CI, Rancher, and others.


Operators are software automation frameworks that extend Kubernetes resources for specific applications.

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