Learning and Development Multi-Platform Case

Leverage the L&D platform and it's solutions based on multiple apps, cost reduction, security and quick updates.



Before EZOps

  • High costs on resources duplicated.
  • Difficult administration of resources.
  • Missing security features.
  • Absence fast app deploys and infra changes.

After EZOps

  • Reduced of costs with centralized cluster managing multi-tier applications.
  • Resources being administrated by DevOps especialist securely with IaC.
  • Security with new apparted VPC, WAF for frontends, Security Hub managing all resources.
  • Platform grow boosted with auto scalability and fast deploys.

Typical Use Cases

Scaling applications & Dockerizing
Expert AWS guidance and implementation
Microservices design
Cloud migration
Database tweaking and optimization
Blue/green deployments
CI/CD pipeline implementation
Re-architecture or Infrastructure design